Intention to Register Forms need to be sent by email

Friday, 19th January 2024

Dear All

GCRAB continues to align it’s working with AHCS and development of a new GCRAB website. We are working on registration for 2024 to occur via the AHCS website. This is work in progress and we will share updates as they become available. This means that all intention to register forms will need to be emailed to between 1st February to midday on 8th February (Inclusive). Once submitted, individuals will receive acknowledgement via email.

The GCRAB Chair will review the application. If eligibility is confirmed and a place allocated, applicants will receive notification by email. Applicants will not need to pay their registration fee until submission of application in April 2024. More information will follow shortly regarding application submission.

Please find a new version of the Applicant Guidelines with an updated GCRAB Registration Portfolio Assessment Process Timeline in Appendix 7.

Please direct questions to

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