Summary of GCRB Document Updates

Monday, 3rd July 2017

The following GCRB documents have been updated:

Applicant Guidelines

  • Date range for submissions of INTENTION TO REGISTER – NOW 1ST February TO 8TH February.
  • Criteria related to GC practice – full time or full time equivalent.
  • Applicants working outside RGC section amended.
  • Assessment process – primary and secondary assessors, new process, results date on website (approximately 4 weeks after assessment day)
  • Outcomes – deferrals – new submission timeframe is 3rd January following year.
  • Confidentiality  - Assessors may seek advice in situations where they are not familiar with area of practice
  • Case log definitions added for “providing additional psychological support” and “refer to other agency”
  • Reflective record – reference to GMC “Making and using visual and audio recordings of patients” added.
  • Case studies and essay – word count >10% is an automatic deferral - wirk wil not be marked. Refer to GCRB Tips for academic writing document.
  • Appendix 6: new GCRB assessment process.

New document

  • FAQ for deferral submission

CPD Guidelines

  • Information added regarding online courses: under ”external learning activities” - includes ... online learning modules ....
  • time spent acting as an SOM can be included to a maximum of five (5) hours per year

Maintenance of Registration

  • Restoration section added

Oversea Guidelines

  • Guidelines have been rewritten – please read.
  • All overseas applicants MUST submit an EVALUATION OF ELIGIBILITY before submitting their Intention to Register.
  • New process overview document for Overseas Registrants
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