Registration Document Updates

Tuesday, 9th August 2016

GCRB Registration Documentation Updates – August 2016

The following registration documents have been updated:

Notification of Intention to Register Form

Change to fees (as per Applicant Guidelines below)

Applicant Guidelines

  • Change of Fees (page 5): £200, includes one year of registration, if successful
  • Minor changes to the marking process (page 7): use of a rubric for marking
  • Essay (page 19): Clarification of how to completed proforma
  • Appendix 1 (page 22): Masters level descriptors updated

Applicant Form Part A

If you have had more than one manager in the 2 years prior to submission, a reference is required from each manager.

Applicant Form Part C

Clarification of how/when to complete the essay proforma

iThenticate Instructions

Account expires 1 year from purchase of last upload slot

New documents: supporting information for registration

  • Rubric marking tool for case studies
  • Rubric marking tool for essay


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