Sign-Off Mentors

The Sign-Off Mentor (SOM) must be a Registered Genetic Counsellor with at least three years' experience of working post their registration as a Registered Genetic Counsellor.

The GCRB holds a combined SOM and Assessor training day annually. The aim of the training day is to ensure consistency in both the level of mentoring and assessment. This training is to ensure the process is as fair and transparent as possible for all involved

The SOM must have undertaken the Sign-Off Mentor training provided by the GCRB within three years of the Intention to Register date. For example, if acting as a SOM for submission in 2021 the SOM will need to have completed training during or after 2018.

The GCRB maintains a list of Registered Genetic Counsellors who have undertaken SOM training.

To find out when a RGC last underwent SOM training, click HERE.

To find out the date of the next SOM and Assessor Training Day, please check the Calendar. The current cost of attending the SOM and Assessor Training Day is £50.

The GCRB has produced the following information on being a Sign-Off Mentor (SOM):