Overseas Trained Genetic Counsellors

The GCRB has an annual assessment process for new applicants including those applicants from overseas wishing to join the UK AHCS Register. To apply for registration applicants should create a NEW USER account and complete the PERSONAL DETAILS and INTENTION to REGISTER online forms. The forms can be completed at any time however currently they can only be submitted between 1st February (midday) and 8th February (midday).

Full details regarding eligibility for overseas applicants can be found in the Applicant Guidelines, located on the REGISTRANTS page.  We also recommend reading the CPD Guidelines in addition to the Supporting Information for Registration documents. 

All overseas applicants MUST submit an Evaluation of Eligibility to Register Form along with the correct fee to the GCRB prior to submitting their intention to register.

If you have any questions about the Registration process please seek advice from the GCRB administrator enquiries@gcrb.org.uk, BEFORE submitting your 'Notification of Intention to Register' form.

Currently the GCRB is only able to assess a set number of portfolios each year. All Notifications of Intention to Register will be managed on a “first come, first served” basis. Acceptance will be made in order of receipt of the electronic Notification of Intention to Register form. If it is not possible to accept all applicants in a particular year, those applicants not accepted will be offered priority for the following year.