Maintenance of Registration

Annual Renewal

To maintain registration, Registered Genetic Counsellors on the AHCS register are required to pay an annual subscription fee and submit a declaration of their fitness to practise via the AHCS website.  You will receive an annual renewal email from the Academy in early March with instructions on how to complete this process. 

Please visit the AHCS website ( for information on the following policies: 

  • Career Breaks and Returning to Practice Policy
  • Lapsed Registration Policy 


The Academy monitors the CPD activities that registrants undertake for the purposes of patient safety and public confidence, and as a requirement of its accreditation with the Professional Standards Authority.

The Academy currently undertakes a CPD audit of its registrants every 2 years, similar to the Health and Care Professions Council schedule for statutory registers.

3% of all registered individuals are selected at random and asked to submit evidence of the CPD activities they have undertaken over the previous two years.  If selected, it is mandatory for the registrant to respond; a failure to provide evidence of CPD could result in individual being removed from the Register. There will be an opportunity to consider any extenuating circumstances for non-submission which must be put in writing to the Registrar.

The Academy will seek input from the GCRB if required, as part of the audit process. 

Registered Genetic Counsellors are required to have typically an average of 30 hours CPD over each year of professional practice. 

Please visit the AHCS website ( for further information on CPD requirements and audit. 

  • AHCS Standards for Continuing Professional Development 
  • AHCS Guide to CPD
  • CPD Audit 


If you have any questions, please contact: