Maintenance of Registration Guidelines

To maintain registration, Registered Genetic Counsellors are required to pay an annual subscription fee and submit a declaration of their fitness to practice.

Following this process, every year 10% of the membership will also be required to submit  reflective writing on 1 year's CPD (30 hours in the previous year) and reference(s), to demonstrate continuing professional development and that standards of practice have been upheld. Selected members will be notified by email if they have been selected for CPD submission. 

Declarations and CPD submissions are reviewed by designated GCRB Board Members and ratified at the GCRB board meeting.

The documents required for maintenance of registration are listed below please read all of them thoroughly including the guidelines on maintenance of registration and CPD. The Maintenance of Registration Guidelines include information on maternity leave, long-term sick leave or taking a career break. The guidelines also include information on what happens if your registration is LAPSED for any reason.


Extenuating Circumstances

If a Registered Genetic Counsellor is unable to agree to the fitness to practice declaration or submit CPD for audit, they will be required to complete an Extenuating Circumstances Form or Leave Form via the website during the annual subscription and declaration process. 

The GCRB committee reviews extenuating circumstances submissions. 


The GCRB will not make a decision unless the Extenuating Circumstances form is completed and corroborating evidence is submitted. Corroborative evidence may be:

  • A medical certificate
  • A letter from a BACP counsellor or clinical psychologist, confirming a psychological or emotional condition for which you have been receiving counselling
  • An official document such as a Police Report
  • A letter from a solicitor
  • Appropriate documentation from employer confirming leave 

If you have any questions please contact the GCRB administrator at