Fitness to Practice

The Genetic Counsellor Registration Board (GCRB) is committed to establish, maintain and improve standards of practice in genetic counselling and to assure public safety in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

Anyone, including members of the public, employers and the regulators themselves, can raise a concern about a GCRB Registered Genetic Counsellor's conduct or competence that calls into question their fitness to practise. Any concerns about an idividual's fitness to practice should be taken to the Academy for Heathcare Science (AHCS) by contacting them with details of the individual and the concerns there are about them.

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The Fitness to Practise process

Fitness to practise proceedings are about protecting the public. They are not a way of dealing with general complaints nor are they intended to deal with disputes between service users and Registrants.

The purpose of our Fitness to Practise process is to protect the public from those individuals who are not currently fit to practise. It is not designed to punish Registrants for past mistakes they may have made.

If we discover that a Registrant’s fitness to practise is ‘impaired’ (i.e. negatively affected) this means that there are concerns about their ability to practise safely and effectively. This could mean that:

  •  the individual should not practise at all
  • the individual should be limited in what they are allowed to do
  • We will take appropriate action to ensure this happens.

Any concerns about registrants are dealt with through the processes set out in the Academy’s Fitness to Practice Rules below. For more information on the Sanctions Policy click here.