Welcome to the Genetic Counsellor Registration Board Website

Welcome to the website of the Genetic Counsellor Registration Board (GCRB).

The purpose of the GCRB is to establish, maintain and improve standards of practice in genetic counselling to assure public safety in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

It seeks to achieve this through accepting responsibility in three primary areas:

  • Setting and monitoring standards for entry to the profession.
  • Establishing and maintaining open and transparent systems of professional accreditation.
  • Maintaining and improving standards of professional practice, to protect and promote the professional reputation for the benefit of the profession and public alike.

The vision of the GCRB is “ensuring expertise to serve families with genetic conditions”.

In 2019 the GCRB register was transferred to the Academy for Healthcare Science (AHCS).  A GCRB Board Member sits on the AHCS Healthcare Science Registration Council and Genetic Counsellors who have met the GCRB assessment criteria are now included in the AHCS public register of Practitioners accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

Accreditation means that the AHCS has met the Authority’s demanding standards in respect of governance, setting standards, education and training, managing the register, providing information and complaints handling.  For more details about PSA accredited registers click here.

For further details about the AHCS click here.

To ensure clarity of remit between  the GCRB and AHCS a change to the name of the GCRB was required. Members of the GCRB were asked to vote and were in support of the new name Genetic Counsellor Registration Advisory Board (GCRAB). A new website is under creation which will reflect this change.


We welcome feedback on our website please contact enquiries@gcrb.org.uk


For further information on a Registered Genetic Counsellor (RGC), check the REGISTER. The Register also includes those RGCs who currently have mentor status.

To view the GCRB Code of Conduct click here

The GCRB calendar of events can be viewed below.


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